We guarantee if we make a mistake preparing your return, we will reimburse penalties and interest resulting from that mistake. Here is what we will need from you:

  • Notify us in writing or in person within 15 days of the date in the first letter you receive from the taxing authority concerning the tax return prepared by us.
  • Provide us with all documents related to the claim and/or requested by the taxing authority.
  • Authorize us to investigate and challenge, if applicable, any position taken by the IRS.

Regardless of any pending reimbursements from us, you are still responsible for timely payment to the taxing authorities.

The fine print – this guarantee is null and void if:

  • You filed your tax return late without paying the estimated taxes on time and/or you did not file a timely extension and pay your estimated taxes.
  • The information you provided on your tax return was incorrect, had omissions, was fraudulent or was falsified.
  • You were unable to prove a position on the tax return (credit, deduction, exemption, etc.) due to not having sufficient documentation or other proof as required in the appropriate Internal Revenue Code and/or laws for the applicable state/local taxing authority.
  • Your tax return was subject to a tax lien, tax levy, garnishment, court-ordered collection or other legal debt collection effort.

We only pay penalties and interest that result from mistakes we made. If you took an incorrect/fraudulent position on the tax return (credit, deduction, exemption, etc.) and the IRS disallowed that position, then we do not cover penalties and interest resulting from that position.